T & M Protection Resources Holdings Israel

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טי.אנד.אם פרוטקישן ריסורסס החזקות ישראל בע"מ

A private Israeli service provider active in the fields of security, cleaning and maintenance, cyber protection, call center and electronic protection and outsourcing. The company is an independent business arm of the US-based company T&M Protection Resources LLC.

The company provides security services and security guards operating Israeli checkpoints and provides guarding services for settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

Checkpoints in occupied East Jerusalem

In 2019, the company was awarded an Israeli police tender for operating nine checkpoints located in the area annexed to Jerusalem next to the Separation Wall (“Jerusalem Envelope”). These include the checkpoints Checkpoint 300 (Rachel), a-Sheikh Sa'ed, a-Zaitun (Ras Abu Sbitan), Mazmuriyeh, al-Walajah (Ein Yael), a-Za’ayem, the Tunnels, a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah and Anata (Ring Road).

The services provided include installing security guards and providing a logistical and administrative envelope in accordance with the Israeli police’s technical specifications.

Services to Settlements

The company’s fully owned subsidiary T&M Saar Bitahon, provides security services and security guards to Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2016, the company won a tender issued by the Ministry of Construction and Housing for the provision of security and guarding services for settlers residing in Jewish settlement compounds located in Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem. The tender included services for settlement compounds in the areas of the Old City and the Mount of Olives ridge in occupied East Jerusalem, for the amount of NIS 5,351,352 per month.

Services include guarding homes, shops, structures and tourist sites, kindergartens and other educational facilities, escorting settlers on foot and in vehicles, operating a command and control center in the Old City and in Mount of Olives, operating electronic emergency buttons, operating an armored patrol vehicle as well as an armored transport vehicle and guarding and escorting visitors in Mount of Olives.

According to a job ad on the company's website from 2023, the job is characterized by foot patrols, accompanying residents and staffing permanent positions, and is performed in civilian clothes.

In December 2021, the company was contracted by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, with an exemption from tender, to extend and expand its existing services to the City of David, a settler compound located in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem. According to the contract, the company was contracted for an amount of NIS 43,544,625 for a period of six months until May 2022.

In 2023, the company received NIS 13,910,581 for guarding services in the Old City for the period between January and March, and NIS 7,665,842 for the period between April and June.

In 2022, the company received a total of NIS 48,007,083 for guarding services in the Old City. In 2021, the company received NIS 79,724,065 for these services.

The office of the company’s security unit of the Old City is located in the Old City in Jerusalem.

Services for the Israeli Ministry of National Security (formerly Ministry of Internal Security)

In November 2017, the company won a tender from the Ministry of Internal Security to provide security services for all of the Ministry’s bodies until November 2022 for NIS 11,700,000.

According to the tender, the company provides a cluster of security guards who are responsible for the security system and the security teams in the Ministry. The ministry oversees the Israel Police, the Israel Prison Service and the Israel Border Police, among others.

In November 2022, the contract with the company was extended with an exemption from tender until April 2023 for NIS 1,579,999. In October 2023, the contract with the company was extended until April 2024 for NIS 1,295,556.

In 2019, the company provided the Israeli Ministry of National Security with security and cyber services for NIS 2,063,481, and an operational security officer to the Israeli Prison Service for NIS 427,431.