Compost Or

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קומפוסט אור

A private Israeli company specializing in the development, management and operation of waste recycling plants.

Compost Or operates the largest Israeli sewage sludge treatment site, located next to Masu’a settlement in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. The site is one of several Israeli waste management facilities in the West Bank and is used for treatment and landfilling of various types of waste and contaminated soils. Some of the waste is then turned into compost and agricultural fertilizers that are sold to farmers.

Sewage sludge treated in the site is collected from sewers and sewage treatment plants coming from 25 municipalities within the Green Line, as well as from the settlements of Ariel and Gush Etzion. The sludge from these facilities is collected and delivered to the site in the West Bank by the company’s wholly owned subsidiary Compost Or Transportation. The company owns three other subsidiaries that produce fertilizer pellets, bedding materials for poultry farming and biochar products in the site in the Jordan Valley.

In recent years, Israeli waste treatment sites within the Green Line faced growing complaints by local Israeli municipalities and have increasingly been relocated to occupied Palestinian territory, where Israeli Clean Air Law does not apply and companies benefit from looser environmental regulations.

In 2015, Compost Or submitted a plan to the Civil Administration in the West Bank to establish a gas production facility in the Jordan valley, that will be used to generate electricity from waste. The size of the compound is 222.7 dunam consisting lands that belong to the Palestinian towns Qabatiya and Ur Al Far'a. The plan was submitted by the settlement regional council on behalf of the private company Compost Or.

In addition, the company is working in cooperation with the Jordan Valley Research and Development Center, where it holds agricultural experiments in the center’s facility located in Gilgal settlement.

In 2014, the company provided specialized compost for tomato crops in the settlement of Na’ama in the Jordan Valley and for grapevines vineyard of Barkan winery in Mevo Horon settlement in the West Bank.

According the company’s website it supplies bedding materials to a turkey poultry farm located in Avnei Eitan, an Israeli settlement in the southern Syrian Golan.