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An Israel-based global provider of solar PV inverter systems.

The company’s solar systems have been installed in the Shdemot Mehola and Petza’el solar fields, in the settlements of Shdemot Mehola and Petza’el in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank.

The Shdemot Mehola solar project was initiated in 2015, taking up approximately 50 dunams of occupied Palestinian land with a capacity of 5 megawatts. According to the CEO of MGA Energy Solutions, the EPC contractor for Shdemot Mehola, the solar systems installed in the project include 15,624 solar panels and 4 inverter rooms with 282 solar inverters manufactured by Solaredge. The inverters enable the individual monitoring and operation of each solar panel.

The Petza'el solar field generates 630kW of electricity a year.

The company is a supplier to Israel Prison Service and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security.