Teltone Electronics

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טלטון אלקטרוניקה

A private Israeli manufacturer and importer of audio speakers and amplification systems.

As at July 2016, the company was located in the Barkan Industrial Zone, a settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. On its website, the company states it has relocated to Rosh Haayin, a city within the green line. However, its "About" section still lists the Barkan address.

Teletone Electronics develops electronic and audio systems for several companies complicit in the Israeli occupation, including Elbit Systems and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The company also provided Public Address Systems for all Shufersal branches. Shufersal operates several branches in settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. It also provided PA systems to Israeli military bases, Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.