Paz Oil Company

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פז חברת הנפט בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli energy corporation and supplier of gas and fuel products, and the biggest Israeli gas and energy supplier. The company operates fuel product storage and distribution terminals and a network of hundreds of gas stations, convenience stores and retail complexes.

Company brands include Yellow, Freshmarket and Super Yuda convenience stores.

The company enjoys access to the captive Palestinian market and supplies fuel to the Palestinian Authority since 2006. In 2021, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was the company's largest customer. In December 2020, the company signed an agreement with the PA under which the company supplies approximately 50% of the PA’s fuel consumption and approximately 80% of the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) consumption in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

As collateral, the company collects its payment from Palestinian tax revenues held by the Israeli government. Israel has repeatedly used its power to withhold Palestinian tax revenues as a punitive measure against the PA, in violation of both the Oslo Accords and international law.

Services to Settlements

The company has 17 filling stations in the occupied Palestinian territory and the Syrian Golan. 

The company has petrol stations in the settlements of Mishor Adumim, Ma’ale Adumim, Pisgat Ze’ev, Beit El, Ofra, Ariel, Karnei Shomron, Ofra and Argaman, and on Road 60 (Tunnels Road) in the occupied West Bank, and in the settlement neighborhoods of Neve Yaakov and Gilo in occupied East Jerusalem. The company operates a gas station in the settlement of Katzrin in the occupied Syrian Golan.  

Additionally, the company has petrol stations in the Palestinian town of Al Azariya in the occupied West Bank and in the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina in occupied East Jerusalem.

Services to the Israeli military

The company provides fuel, diesel and services for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) in the occupied West Bank.

In 2022, Paz provided car refueling and car wash services for COGAT for NIS 3,066,766. In 2020, the company provided COGAT fuel for its military wing and water for vehicles for NIS 85,673. Also in 2020, the company provided fuel services for COGAT for NIS 39,423. 

In 2020, Paz provided fuel for ICA vehicles for NIS 4,438,324. Also in 2020, the company provided fuel for the ICA Supervision Unit in the occupied West Bank for NIS 58,869; and diesel for generators for the ICA for NIS 25,391. 

In 2016, the company’s fully-owned subsidiary, Paz Aviation Services Ltd., won a tender by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to provide fueling services at seven Israeli Air Force bases, including refueling services for aircrafts and aviation fuel infrastructure maintenance services.

The agreement included the option to extend the services according to the tender to two additional Air Force bases in an additional financial consideration, which the IMOD exercised.

The term of the agreement is five years, starting on January 2017, with the option to extend the period for another five years.

Services to the Israel Police and Israel Prison Service

In 2021, Paz provided the IPS fuel for NIS 5,651,315 and fuel for heating for NIS 1,367,763.

In 2020, the company was awarded a tender by the Israel Police to supply fuel to police vehicles, both at internal stations and at public stations using refueling devices, for a period of four years. As of November 2020, the company began supplying fuel to the Israel Prison Services, and as of February 2021, it began supplying fuel to the Israel Police.

The agreement includes the option to extend the term of the agreement by another thirty years.