Ispra - Israel Product Research

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ישפרא – החברה הישראלית למחקר מוצרים בע"מ

Ispra is a private Israeli company that manufactures and markets non-lethal weapons and gear for crowd control and suppression.

The company manufactures a range of products including rubber bullets, tear gas, stun and smoke grenades, and non-lethal guns and launchers. The company also manufactures equipment to military, police and homeland security agencies.

The company is the preferred supplier by the Israeli military and police Forces and Prisons Authorities.

Ispra has developed the Cyclone riot control system. The Cyclone system is a specifically designed system installed on UAV's to unleash tear gas on protesters. On 30 March 2018, identical technology was used against protesters in Gaza taking part in the Great March of Return marking the 42nd anniversary of Land Day.