Confirmation from the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection: Veolia still owns the Tovlan Landfill
Jan 2013

On January 17th, 2013 the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection responded to a Freedom of Information query that had been submitted by 'Who Profits' regarding the ownership of the Tovlan landfill - a waste disposal site in the occupied Jordan Valley.

In recent mounts, different representatives of Veolia worldwide claimed that on November 2011, the company has sold its share in the Tovlan site to the nearby Israeli settlement of Masu'a. These claims turned out to be false. The Ministry of Environmental Protection's response officially confirms that Veolia is still the sole owner and operator of the Tovlan Landfill, through its subsidiary - TMM - Integrated Recycling Services. Thus, Veolia continues to operate on occupied Palestinian land.

The entrance to the Tovlan Landfill | Jan 2013 | Photographed by Who Profits